Why is Energy Efficiency Important? Start with Saving Money.


Did you know that making a few small adjustments in your home toward energy efficiency can potentially lead to hundreds of dollars in savings each year? For instance, if electronic devices remain plugged in while turned off, they continue to use energy. According to Energy.gov, a power strip that turns on and off when devices are not in use can save up to $100 a year alone! A “smart power strip” is an easy investment that will pay for itself and save you money.

Bigger investments include replacing appliances that are 10 years or older with new, energy efficient models. These machines work better and use fewer resources, like electricity and water. Thinking about purchasing a new refrigerator? ENERGY STAR has a “Refrigerator Retirement Calculator” that allows you to estimate what your savings will be by replacing your current refrigerator.

To get a better understanding of your home’s energy performance, schedule an energy assessment (also referred to as an energy audit).

Click here for the Refrigerator Retirement Calculator. 


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