“Urban by Choice”

By Alyssa Deal

Henry David T.

I heard the term “Urban by Choice” from a NeighborWorks® Rochester staff member a few weeks ago. This staff member was referencing a conversation with a friend over the recent passing of a beloved board member, Edline Chun. “Edline was urban by choice, she could have lived anywhere, but she chose to live in the city” she did this to be a part of something bigger, on the individual level, neighborhood level, and city level.

Edline was a strong, influential community member, Neighborworks Rochester board member, RIT professor, artist, friend to many… and the list goes on. Many individuals are looking at Edline’s life as something to emulate, turning the end of an amazing life into a reminder of the importance of living with intent.

Take the time to think about why you are in this community. What kind of footprint do you want to leave? Whether in Rochester or another area, investing your time can have a positive effect. Live with intent.

3 Practical tips for living with purpose in your community:

1.     Understand who you are. Know who you are and figure out how your skills can be used to help others in your area.

 2.     Get to know your neighbors & neighborhood. Taking the time to get to know those around you helps build a stronger sense of community. You may be surprised at the hidden stories/treasures in your neighborhood.

 3.     Get plugged in. Start to get involved in your area. If you are uncertain about how to best contribute to the community, non-profits are one of many avenues. Develop a strategic ways to get involved.

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