Staff of the Month


You may have seen Jake Hershelman around town conducting energy audits for NeighborWorks® Rochester through our Technical Services Department. For a little over two years he has worked here, presently as the primary Lead Risk Assessor and Inspector and is one of our two Energy Auditors. Under certain programs he performs energy audits and services to help lower energy costs for customers. Jake also performs lead inspections for NWR loan customers and also for the City Lead programs.

Before moving back to Rochester and working at NWR Jake worked at Borg and Ide Imaging as an assistant to the main radiologist and worked at Read’s Moving Systems in South Carolina. While working at Read’s he was able to enjoy traveling and seeing the country to places he would probably never go to. “It also kept me in the best shape of my life because I was carrying thousands of pounds of furniture every day.”

Jake particularly enjoys the diversity his work creates, every person and house he works at is unique. Being the main contact that customers usually remember, he appreciates the relationships that he has been able to build with this variety of individuals. Being able to help people appreciate their homes even more is one of the rewards of working here. “I love that we can put money back into the pockets that need it the most.”

Aside from work, Jake spends his spare time with his fiancé and daughter. “They are my life and I enjoy every moment I have with them.” He also spends a lot of time watching and playing sports, his current pastimes being golf and participating in his kickball league. “I am enjoying teaching my daughter these sports that I love and grew up with. That is probably going to be my biggest accomplishment.”

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