Staff of the Month: Ted Colucci


Ted Colucci, Lending & Homeownership Program Manager, travels the hallways of NeighborWorks® Rochester with his witty and jovial demeanor. With a positive outlook, Ted continuously looks for ways to move his department forward. He has been working here since May of 2012, yet that doesn’t mark the beginning of his involvement with NeighborWorks® Rochester; he originally began as a board member three years prior to becoming staff.

Although most of his profession was spent working for credit companies, he began wondering if there was a workplace that could use his professional skills while giving back to the community. This led him to have a conversation with NeighborWorks® Rochester’s CEO, Kim Brumber. Little did he know that while he was looking, NeighborWorks® Rochester was also looking for someone to work in lending and homeownership.  On a typical day, he works with folks to determine eligibility for rehab and repair as well as overseeing classes for homeownership and home repair.

One of his favorite things about work is the team he collaborates with to benefit the community. “We have a very mission-centric team; I enjoy working with the folks here because the attitude we coalesce around.” He also enjoys developing new projects and outreach opportunities.

With any extra time, Ted plays golf and reads; “I just love books” he exclaims, and spends time in the local library. He also spends time with his wife Roberta and critters, gardens, woodworks and has his hands full with Andy his terrier and his cats Pawlie, Beanie, Cecil and Wally.

Home to Ted means friends, family, safety and his wife and five pets.

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