Staff of the Month: Lynnette Robinson


Lynnette Robinson, Homeownership Advisor, began working at NeighborWorks® Rochester in January of 2013 as the FIS Landlord Initiative Coordinator and in May moved to her current position. Her typical day includes working as a collections liaison and making sure customers that have taken out a loan will not go into default. A key part of her process is building relationships with homeowners and making the process easier for them: “my mission is to bring them above water and help them stay there.” She stated that one of the aspects she likes most about working here would be “the people. Everybody; the customers and coworkers are wonderful.”

Prior to NeighborWorks® Rochester, Lynnette was unemployed for three years, during which she spent 50-60 hours a week volunteering as a community capacity builder. Part of this included building up neighborhoods through block clubs and community activities. Her main areas of time were spent in the southwest portion of the city and the 19th ward, where NeighborWorks® Rochester was well known. Because of her hard work in the community, Eric Van Dusen, COO of NeighborWorks® Rochester, contacted Lynnette regarding an available position. Although busy with her new role, she is still deeply involved in the community.

When asked the question of what she does in her spare Lynnette jokes, “I don’t have any.” Quickly following the joke she made sure to voice her desire to continually connect with personal friends. She also enjoys planning events, parties and likes to make people happy.

Home to Lynnette means “security, safety, pride and love”

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