NeighborWorks® Rochester’s 2014 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our NeighborWorks® Rochester award recipients! After all of your hard work in the community, you deserve it! Below are pictures of our award recipients in front of our “Home is…” wall where individuals write post-its of what home means to them. Read up on Home Matters, a national movement to make “home” a reality for everyone.


The “Employee of the Year” award went to Allan Rayburn in recognition & appreciation for his dedication & efforts throughout his time here. Thank you for all your hard work!

John Price

John Borek received the “Edline Chun, Volunteer of the Year” award for his dedication to volunteering in the community, creating  art projects that inspire others. Thank you for your dedication!


Nancy Johns-Price, City of Rochester Neighborhood Service Center,  received “Partner of the Year”  for her outstanding efforts in the community. Thank you for continuing to build strong neighborhoods!

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