Lead Paint Testing

We offer high quality lead hazard services that assist property owners in identifying lead paint. Scroll down to learn more about our lead paint testing.

Lead Paint Testing

As one of the few organizations in the Greater Rochester area that perform lead paint services, all of our lead inspections are performed by an EPA-Certified Risk Assessor and are available to contractors, realtors and property owners; including landlords and other neighborhood agencies. 

Service Options:

  • LBP Risk Assessment
    Our most exclusive service, we utilize an X-Fluorescent (XRF) gun to test all services: walls, floors, woodwork, etc. for immediate results and lead counseling.
  • Lead Paint Inspection
    This inspection includes testing 50 random surfaces in the desired location with an X-Fluorescent gun (XRF) gun. This inspection includes an XRF readings report, complete with positive/negative indication, paint condition, lead depth index and total lead concentration. Additional surface testing available for an extra fee.
  • LBP Clearance
    Primarily for landlords and COO’s, includes a pass/fail letter. This clearance is required every 2 years for rental properties.

While we do not do remediation services, you may want to take advantage of our Loan Services to help pay for these home improvements! If you’re concerned about lead in your home or property, give us a call at (585) 327-4710 for a free quote, or click here to contact us.