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We know it’s the grilling season and not the “Season of Giving,” but NeighborWorks® Rochester is hopeful that you’ll considering putting on your elf hat as you do your summer house cleaning, attack the long-forgotten piles in your basement or update your home office!  Thursday, July 25th will be our Christmas in July as we kick-off our new NeighborWorks® Rochester WishList program. We will share a list of items that our agency needs which, if donated, will allow us to focus on building healthy neighborhoods.

The actual list of items that we need will reside on our website’s Wish List page starting July 25th. The list will be updated as our needs change and as items get granted by fairy godmothers, Santa Clauses of all stripes and kind-hearted people such as yourselves.

We are seeking specific items in good or gently used condition that you might be looking to dispose of – and you might be able to obtain a tax deduction. We are not seeking certain electronic items (TVs, computers, printers) that may be too outdated and would not “speak” to our current technology (and might also be more expensive to dispose of than to keep.) Please see the website for the complete guidelines to giving.

Here are a few good reasons to participate:

o   Items you no longer need will be utilized rather than gathering dust.

o   You get the satisfaction of doing a good deed and helping others. And possibly be able to deduct the donation from your taxes.

o   It’s a great, “green” way to help the environment by recycling rather than tossing that item into a landfill.

Donations from your workplace are also welcome! If your office might be moving, updating equipment or have an overstock of office supplies, please check our list to see if there’s an item that might otherwise go into a dumpster. It’s an easy and cost-free way for to give to NeighborWorks® Rochester and a gift to mother earth if it doesn’t go into a land fill! Additionally, if you don’t have a specific item but still feel in the spirit of giving, we appreciate purchased items from the Wish List, gift cards to Target, Staples, etc.

Thank you, Neighbor, for all your efforts to support healthy neighborhoods! Happy Christmas in July!




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