Grant + Loan

60/40 Combo Home Repair Program

Are you a Monroe County resident in need of help making repairs to your home? We offer a 60/40 Grant + Loan Combo Home Repair loan to eligible homeowners. Terms and conditions apply. Scroll down to learn more!

Grant + Loan Home Repair Program

Your home is your hub, and we can help you maintain it!

Whether you need to replace your roof or fix structural issues, we can work with you to find solutions for your home repair. Our Loan + Grant program takes a look at your current project and financial situation to determine whether or not you qualify for a partial grant subsidy based on your income. All grants are paired with a pre-approved loan through our Loan Services department and are combined with a lead-risk assessment and remediation.

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Terms and Conditions of the Program:

  • A credit score of 620+
  • Have owned and lived at your property for at least 6 months
  • Monthly debts/credit obligations do not exceed 45% of your gross income
  • Current on mortgage payments or other credit obligations
  • Current on municipal obligations (such as real estate taxes, water or garbage bills)
  • $15/person or $25/couple Credit Report Fee
  • $50 Application Fee
  • $30 Document Preparation Fee
  • Additional Construction Management fee applies (Construction Management is required)
  • Property Must Be Insured
  • No Manufactured Homes or Co-ops
  • Must live in Monroe County
  • Additional qualifications apply

Submit a Pre-screening Form to Determine Your Eligibility (No charge):

      1. Click here to download and complete the pre-screening form 
      2. E-mail your completed pre-screening form and supporting documents listed below to: or mail to:
        NCP Rochester Lending Department
        570 South Avenue
        Rochester, NY 14620
      3. A Customer Journey Specialist will follow-up with you to discuss the next steps of the Grant + Loan Home Repair Program application process

Required Supporting Documents:

    1.  Proof of household monthly income (this includes income for all other residents living in your household)
    2.  Copy of your driver’s license or Government-issued ID
    3. Two full months of bank statements

Important Notes:

  • This is just the initial pre-screening process. You will be asked for additional supporting documents in the next phase of the application process and charged an application fee of $50 in order to submit a full application. 
  • The amount of grant funding varies based on income eligibility.
  • Competitive market rates apply.
  • Grant-only project funding is not available. All grants are paired with loans.

To best determine your qualifications for the grant + loan program, please contact a Loan Officer at (585) 327-4717 or e-mail and we’ll be happy to answer your questions! 

Did you know that NeighborWorks® Community Partners Rochester offers FREE home energy assessments regardless of income? We can work with you to determine your full list of energy-related home repair needs and help you apply for supplemental funding to help you complete your project(s). Click here to learn more about getting a FREE home energy assessment.