A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

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This three part series will offer ways to engage your neighbors whether you have never spoken or you’ve already exchanged house keys. Check out last week’s article if you haven’t already!

Part III: Friends Forever

By this time, you have met, shared meals and probably bought something from  your neighbor’s yard sale. It’s time to be real friends. Think of how convenient it would be to live next door to your close friends. You can visit easily, borrow a tool or drop off the kids in the blink of an eye.

  1. Parents Night Out- Drop the kids off and hit the town. Keep it just the two of you or have a few couples come out and enjoy a local restaurant. Maybe the group can hire a few babysitters and have all the kids at one location.
  2. Field Day- If your neighborhood has a lot of kids, it’s a good bet that they are looking for something to do in the summer. Try hosting a field day with different challenges. This can be located right in your yard or team up with your neighbors for various locations.
  3. Porch Fest- If your home has a porch, what better way to enjoy the summer than a comfy chair and an iced cold beverage! Your porch allows you to interact with neighbors passing by easily. You can take this practice to the next level by organizing music or bard game stations from each porch.


Article written by Michelle Kraines, Healthy Blocks Program Assistant at NeighborWorks® Rochester. You’ll find Michelle out and about in the neighborhoods of Rochester, working through Healthy Blocks to implement neighborhood revitalization! 

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