A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood


Photo : Steve Coffey

Remember that your off campus neighbors live just feet away. Maintain a

This three part series will offer ways to engage your neighbors whether you have never spoken or you’ve already exchanged house keys. Check out last weeks article if you haven’t already!

Part II: Getting to Know You

The next level of engagement with your neighbors goes beyond learning names and general information. One way to do this is through different group activities. Group activities are a great way to interact with several neighbors at once. It also takes the pressure off any one individual or couple.

  1. Garage Sale- There is nothing like a neighborhood garage sale to bring people together. Everyone is outside, bored and ready to chat by 2pm. Maybe you can bake some treats for the sellers to get through the day.
  2. Movie Night- Movies are a great way to get a group together. This is less intimidating for some folks because the focus is on the movie. Offer popcorn or sundaes before the movie starts; it gives people time to mingle. Movie night scan be done inside a home theatre or projected outside in a park or backyard.
  3. Cook-Off- From chili to pie to cheese burgers, everyone loves to sample all the contenders in a food cook-off. Cooking is a great way to get to know your neighbors. It can lead to shared recipes and future dinners together.



Article written by Michelle Kraines, Healthy Blocks Program Assistant at NeighborWorks® Rochester. You’ll find Michelle out and about in the neighborhoods of Rochester, working through Healthy Blocks to implement neighborhood revitalization! 

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